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Robert bracken

My views on poems...I have the hardest time coming up with a good poem I enjoy writing but not in a certain format or have to follow a topic I enjoy free writing about things in my life but putting together a poetry portfolio was pretty funny because I got to laugh at my amazing poems. I don't find poems all that bad there quite enjoyable to write once you get into them. And you can express your views on things how you are feeling. It is a great way to get out what you wish you could say to someone but just putting it on paper.

two strengths I have when writing poetry I guess I can write about just anything if I had to or whatever comes to my head I can put down on paper pretty well I just can't find the right words to go at the end of them to make a clear rhyme scheme. Another weakness I have when writing is I have to kind of be in the mood if I want to write. if I am not feeling like writing it's almost impossible for me to start writing things but once I get going I am able to fluently putt down whatever I am thinking at the time. Maybe a strength that I have when writing is whatever I am thinking about I can express well how I am feeling if I am writing it. I have trouble telling people with words sometimes but when I write it down I can get out everything that I am feeling.

My favorite poems of mine are "surviving boot" and the best friend one I feel it kind of represents how I am looking at people even though it didn't come out the way I was intending it to cause I tried to make it seem like a poem but it expresses how I look at people and my views on what's been going on in my life. I am glad to have my best friend in my life Brandon Wernig cause I have had friends that I thought I was getting to be very close with and then after some unfortunate coincidence they just stop talking or are upset about something that ruined that. and with boot camp I am going through some huge changes in my life I feel like the...
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