Western Civ Essay Exam

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: April 21, 2013
1) Augustus was a key factor in bringing stability to Rome. Augustus was the first emperor and ruled from 31BC-14AD. Augustus intends to restore the Republic form of Government. He forms the New Order, which gives him full power and he rules as consul until 23BC. He is popular among the people because he brings peace after 60 years of war. He does this by reorganizing the army, which causes social stability, and he makes it so non-Romans can earn citizenship if they are a good fighter. He also creates the Praetorian, which are 9,000 of the best soldiers who act as the emperors body guards. Also, he reduces the number of members in the senate. He allows equestrians to become patricians, which causes social mobility. He throws parades and celebrations where the plebs can get free food. Augustus believes social moral has declined mainly in the rich and limits their extreme parties. He believes religion can cure so he builds many temples. He pioneers domes and arches. One famous temple is called the Pantheon, which is a temple for all Gods. The Cult of the State is formed and temples are built to worship Rome and Augustus’s spirit. Augustus makes adultery and crime and banishes his daughter after she cheats. He encourages marriage by heavily taxing single people. He leaves the Julio-Claudian legacy and his family rules for almost 100years. Augustus was the first good emperor in the Pax Romana. After Augustus dies, Rome’s stability ends and Tiberius takes over. 4) Yes, at least ancient Rome fell. Rome began its decline after the Julio-Claudians made Tiberius the new emperor. Tiberius was killed by his successor Caligula who goes crazy and ends up killing his entire family except his handicapped uncle Claudius. Claudius becomes emperor after Caligula dies until his stepson Nero murders him. After Nero dies 4 emperors who are all generals start a civil war. An equestrian named Vespasian rules and openly calls himself emperor. He funds the building of the coliseum...
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