The Roman World: Homework Guide

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Augustus Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Roman World Chapters 5, 6 and 7 (pages 167-186)

Homework Guide

1. Study lecture notes.

2. Review the following references:
Evolution of Roman Government/Rome v. Carthage Roman Emperors Flow Chart/Trade in the Roman World Languages of the Roman Empire/Roman Roads
Spread of Christianity/Persecution of the Christians

3. From the textbook & lecture - answer the following:

• What was archaic Rome like and how was it shaped by relations with its neighbors? • How was the Roman Republic governed and how did that government shape the Western political tradition? • Why and how did Rome fight?

• What were the Punic Wars and the consequences?
• Compare and contrast the government of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. • How did Augustus establish a new imperial government to replace the Roman Republic? Why was he so successful? • Describe “Pax Romana” and “Romanization”

• Describe the principles of Roman law and its influence today. • Who were Tacitus, Seneca, Juvenal and Galen?
• Explain Christianity's rise from the birth of Jesus to Emperor Constantine. • What were the most important reforms of Diocletian and Constantine and how did those reforms play in saving and transforming the empire? • What were the causes behind the fall of the Western half of the Roman Empire in 476?

Research topics for writing assignments.

9. When in Rome…………
Explain how Roman language has affected the American culture. Reference the Roman linguistics of the Latin language as you analyze the origins of the American lexicon and how Roman speech created terms that we use today especially in the legal profession.

10…….do as the Romans do.
Explain how Roman civil law has affected the American culture. Reference the “Laws of the 12 tables” and certain legal principles emerging from the Roman culture as you...
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