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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Chapter 7 Study Guide






Short answer:

1. What were the reasons for Rome’s serious economic problems?

2. Why did the Romans emperors give free grain to the poor?

3. Who owned slaves in ancient Rome?

4. What was the basic core purpose for Roman Law?

5. When did Julius Caesar gain control of Rome?

6. How do you think Rome’s geographic setting affect the growth of its empire?

7. Why did the Roman empire begin to decline with the rule of Commodus in 180 A.D.

8. How would you compare the Romans’ reaction to Christianity with the reaction to the religions of the people they conquered?

9. Do you think the Romans treated the peoples they conquered fairly? Use fact to support your answer?

10. What did the people Roman conquered have to do in order to be able to practice their religion?

11. What did the majority of Romans do for a living?

12. What was the result/purpose of having the government led by two men?

13. Why did the Roman government give Augustus all of the power he wanted?

14. What do we know about the Estuscans?

15. Why did the Romans decide to form a republic?

16. What was the relationship between the patricians and the plebeians? What were some of their results?

17. What event followed the death of Julius Caesar?

18. What complaints did the plebeians have against the patricians?

19. Which of the five “good emperors” was considered to be the greatest and why?

20. Greeks were more interested in ideas, unlike the Romans who more interested in __________________________________________.

21. Why was Rome’s geographic setting important?

22. What happened if the two Roman consuls disagreed on how to handle an emergency?

23. What did most ancient Romans placed a...
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