West Bengal Electricity

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WEST BENGAL STATE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED Technical Specifications for A.C. Single Phase , 2Wire Solid State ( Static) Fully Electronic Energy Meter Accuracy Class: 1.0 , Current Rating (5-30) A, With Backlit LCD Display for 240 V System Fitted inside Pilfer Proof Meter Box

1.0 SCOPE a) This specification covers design, engineering, manufacture, testing, inspection and supply of A.C. Single phase, two wire solid state (static) fully electronic energy meters of accuracy class 1.0 and current rating (5-30) A, with backlit LCD display for 240 Volt systems as per requirement in this specification and pilfer proof meter box (PPMB) made of engineering plastic, FR grade with self extinguishing property suitable for single phase meter. The meter should be capable of recording and displaying energy in KWH and demand in KW for single phase two wire A.C. loads respectively for power factor range of Zero lag – unity – Zero lead. Meters should have facility/ capability of recording tamper information. b) It is not the intent to specify completely herein all the details of the design and construction of meter. However the meter shall conform in all respects to high standards of engineering, design and workmanship shall be capable of performing commercial operation continuously in a manner acceptable to WBSEDCL, who will interpret the meanings of drawings and specification and shall have the right to reject any work or material which in its judgment is not in accordance therewith. The offered meter shall be complete with all components, accessories necessary for their effective and trouble free operation of the system for the purpose mentioned above. Such components shall be deemed to be within the scope of bidders supply irrespective of whether those are specifically brought out in this specification and / or the commercial order or not. The original manufacturers of LT A.C. static energy meters shall only quote against this tender. In case of foreign manufacturers their authorized agent/agents may also participate provided that they are registered vendors and have all the testing facilities in India. They should also produce the documents authorizing them as agents, in India. It is mandatory that in case of all manufacturers, the offered meter shall be ISI marked and bidder shall have to furnish valid BIS certification along with the offer.


2.0 STANDARDS APPLICABLE Unless specified elsewhere in this specification, the performance & testing of the meters should conform to the following Indian/International standards, to be read with up to date and latest amendments/revisions thereof as on 90 days prior to floating of tender. Sl. No. 1 2 3 Standard No. IS 13779, 1999 read with its latest amendments CBIP Report No.304 read with latest amendments IS 12346 (1988) Title



Specification of AC Static Watt hour meters class 1.0 and 2.0 Specification for AC Static Electrical Energy Meters Specification for testing equipment for A.C. Static Electrical Energy Meter (latest amendment). C.E.A. Regulation No. 502 / Central Electricity Authority (Installation and 70 / CEA / DP&D dt Operation of Meters) Regulation, 2006. 17/03/2006 IS 14434 (1998) Polycarbonate Molding and Extrusion Materials. CLIMATIC CONDITION The meters to be supplied against this specification should be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under the following tropical conditions. Meters should be capable of maintaining required accuracy under hot, tropical and dusty climatic conditions. i) ii) iii iv) v) vi) vii) Maximum Ambient Air Temperature in shade Minimum Ambient Air Temperature Maximum Relative Humidity Minimum Relative Humidity Height above mean sea level Average number of tropical monsoon per annum Annual Rainfall : : : : : : : 550 C (-)100 C. 95%(noncondensing) 10% Up to 3000 meters 5 months 100 mm to 1500 mm



SUPPLY SYSTEM System Rated voltage (Vref) Rated Current Rated Frequency 1 Phase 2 Wire 240 V –...
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