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Topics: Electricity generation, Public utility, Power factor Pages: 10 (2760 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Challenges in Maintaining System Reliability in Electrical Systems Reliability of Supply
As a result of reforms in the power sector many new Distribution Companies have started their operations. Apart from improving financial viability, reduction of T&D losses the distribution reforms have been identified as a key area in terms for fulfilling consumers‘ expectations in terms of service delivery in the area of Reliability and Quality of power supply. Reliability and Quality of power supply were rarely an issue till recent past and little or no attention was paid to these aspects of power supply. If consumers‘ expectations are not fulfilled in respect of Reliability and Quality of power supply there is resentment and they are reluctant to pay for the service. On the other hand if the expectations are met or surpassed the consumers are satisfied and willingness to pay increases by sharing the tariff hike. This in turn helps to tone up the financial viability of the DISCOMs (Distribution Companies). Reliability has to do with continuous and uninterrupted power supply i.e. total loss of voltage. Reliability does not cover voltage sags, swells, impulses or harmonics. Reliability indices typically consider such aspects as –     Number of consumers Connected load Duration of the interruptions measured Quantum of power interrupted and

 Frequency of interruption

There are many indices of measurement. The 3 most commonly referred are SAIFI, SAIDI and CAIDI as defined in IEEE standard 1366 (IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with its headquarter in USA which is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity). Reliability of Power Supply and Consumer Satisfaction Reliability of Service needs to be always given primary importance by electric utility system. Consumer is least interested about the availability of power sources, grid conditions but he must be ensured a power supply, which is most reliable and qualitative. Reliability to a consumer means that power made available to him is fault free and the outage or interruptions are tolerable and do not disturb his normal life. Reliability and quality of supply were rarely an issue till recent past and little or no attention was paid to the reliability and quality of power supply. But a change in attitude has been observed in the supplier as well as takers of energy and a customer friendly definition of reliability and benchmarking of performance has been laid down.

A reporting system for the reliability analysis to log type of consumer’s interruption duration, number of consumer affected and reason for interruption with an aim to improve the reliability through adequate measures has become essential. Reliability analysis requires large amount of data regarding consumer interruption such as number of consumer affected, duration of interruption and the type of power cut viz. scheduled or unscheduled. The analysis can be made through a computer based software tool by measuring past performance, comparing with that of envisaged new system and predicting future performances. Creation of comprehensive up to date consumer index and system data basis on computerized environment are essential for efficient commercial and technical operation and management of any distribution system. The R-APDRP programme has focused on this basic need and creation of such data base which is a Pre requisite to reliability monitoring so as to identify the trouble some consumer and system element. Time is not far when customer will be given incentive for poor performance of the utility and utility will be awarded for their better performance through performance based tariff. Thus utility has to be more vigilant to improve their performance. The objective of reliability monitoring is manifold and is as follows: I. Furnish management with performance data regarding the quality of customer service on the electrical system as a whole and...
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