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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Case Study Analysis
March 11, 2011

Japan to Apple’s iPhone
The Apple iPhone did not make as big of a splash in Japan as Apple’s had hoped it would. The projection to sell a million iPhones in Japan unraveled and sales were very low. People of Japan were already aware of cell phones with a 3G network, which the faster network had been around for several years, much longer than the United States. A few problems that Japan had with the Apple iPhone were the touch screens, the iPhone were not as advanced as what they could already get in Japan, and the iPhone could not purchase train passes as the other phones did. “Emoji”, clip art that is used to create a more interesting and creative e-mail was also an application that Apple could not offer. Citizens of Japan have high complex standards and when it comes to technology Japan is known for being well head of its time. The iPhone just did not stand up to what Japan already had in their back pocket. Cell phone users in Japan are infatuated with photos, video games, and high light features. Apple iPhone could not compete with what a market already established in Japan from other cell phone makers. The competitors had already offered Japan everything they needed. Japan made a mistake in trying to market the Apple iPhone in Japan at the time they did. In research they should have seen that they didn’t have everything that the Japanese wanted in a cell phone. Knowing Japan already had a 3G network that should have told Apple it would not be a new technology for the country. The people of this culture wanted everything at their fingertips and Apple didn’t have all they wanted. The Apple computers did well in Japan due to the technology is in the running with the other computers and they are similar. IPod also did well in Japan markets and that was due to the product being affordable, slim, and available to the people of Japan. Pricing and the cells phone plans in Japan are very competitive and equates to...
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