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Presented opportunities and globalization in other countries allows Apple to recognize a need to become more main-stream in other geographical areas. Apple will have to use two strategies, one for the domestic market, the United States, and one for the international markets France and Australia. The appropriate channel strategies Apple should use for the domestic market and international markets is the multi-channel strategy and the pull strategy. The multi-channel strategy defined as “offering customers more than one way to buy something – for example, from a Web site as well as in retail stores” (Rouse, 2007) allows apple sell the product without acquiring additional costs. The pull strategy allows the manufacturer to promote the product so the consumer can push the intermediaries to order the product. In the United States, Apple is a brand name, one that consumers are loyal too and familiar with the cost. However, because the cost is high for Apple to set-up a direct retail in other countries, the company should use intermediaries to market the product and get the product to the consumer. A majority of manufacturers usually do not sell the product directly to the customer so justification for the Multi-channel and Push strategy is correct with Apple’s choice to sell internationally. Apple chose the correct strategy to promote and make available the iPhone5 to the consumer through intermediaries that aid in the process to make the product or service available for consumption use overseas. Apple has loyal customers who demand the product well in advance before the release date and even may choose to buy the product before the product gets released in the store. The multi-channel and push strategy would be great for international markets for Apple to use its trade promotion money and sales force to push the intermediaries to carry, promote, and sell their product to customers.

Rouse, M. (2007). Multichannel Marketing. Retrieved from...
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