Japan Could Be a Potential Market

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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Japan could be a potential market for Dell.
Dell Inc. is a growing company that provides a range of computer products for enterprise markets and consumers. Dell offers a broad range of desktops and notebook PC’s. They also offer printers, network servers, projectors, storage systems, Ethernet switches, and work stations. The company markets third party software and provides system integration, support, and training. We believe that Japan would be a potential market for Dell Inc. Japan is the largest potential market with double the potential demand for computer technology. If Dell Inc. wants to be a leading computer industry it has to have a business in Japan.

Japan’s legal system is based on the Anglo-American tradition, which they operate under the Six Code (Roppo). The Six Codes are: 1) the constitution, 2) the civil code, 3) the code of civil procedure, 4) the penal code, 5) the code of criminal procedure, and 6) the commercial code. Japan is a democratic country, but is a different kind of democracy then France and Germany. The political system in Japan consists of four political parties. These political parties are: 1) Liberal Democratic Party, 2) Komeito, 3) Democratic Party of Japan, and 4) Japanese Communist Party. These political parties change constantly, which confuses the public utterly. The changes these parties go through are name changes, regrouping, and undergoing splitting of factions.

Japan’s election system consists of three types of elections: 1) general elections to the House of Representatives, 2) elections to the House of Councillors, and 3) local elections for offices in the villages. Each election is supervised by election committees at each level. The legal age for voting in Japan is 20 years old. The minimum age for running for the House of Representatives is 30 years old and the minimum age for running for the House of Councillors is 25 years old. The House of Representatives in Japan consists of 480 members while the House of...
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