Week 4 Quiz

Topics: Ethnic group, Religion, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Week 4 Quiz

1. An example of a secessionist minority would be
a. Native Americans.
b. the Amish.
c. Irish Catholics.
d. Italian Americans.
2. The pattern of grandchildren of immigrants increasing their interest in their ethnicity is called a. ethnic pluralism.
b. the principle of third generation interest.
c. ancestor worship.
d. the theory of bicultural immersion.
3. What is the ethnicity paradox?
a. The emphasis on ethnic foods and ethnically associated political associations instead of deeper ties. b. The maintenance of one’s ethnic ties in a way that can assist with one’s assimilation in larger society. c. The belief that one’s own culture is not as good as the dominant culture in society. d. The social acceptance of prejudice toward White ethnics.

4. Members of which White ethnic group were placed in an internment camp in Montana during WWII? a. Japanese
b. Italians
c. Jews
d. Irish
5. Which two White ethnic groups found, upon immigrating to America, that their shared religion did not trump their cultural differences, to such a degree that clergy were imported from Europe? a. Germans and Irish

b. Irish and Italians
c. Jews and Italians
d. Germans and Poles
6. Which of the following would NOT be considered a White ethnic group? a. Jews
b. Italians
c. Chinese
d. Swedes
7. The 1962 Supreme Court decision Engel v. Vitale ruled which of the following unconstitutional?       a. Christmas displays in public schools
      b. school prayer
      c. certain religious activities in schools
      d. teaching creationism

8.   A large, organized religion that is not officially linked with the state or government is known as       a. an ecclesia.
      b. a denomination.
      c. a cult.
      d. a sect.
9. Which of the following faiths has the largest membership in the United States?       a. the Roman Catholic Church
      b. Jewish congregations
      c. Southern Baptist Convention
      d. the United...
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