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Pro/Con Lists

Create a Pro/Con List for each of the following two essays: "The Case Against Tipping" and "The Consequences of 'Carnage as Entertainment.' ". They are found in your Goshgarian textbook on pages 22-26. Come up with at least one counterpoint for each issue that each essay suggests.

After creating your list for each essay, write a "Yes, but" exchange for each essay (a minimum of ½ page) that attempts to find points of disagreement, as well as common ground or shared concerns.

Using the dialogue you've constructed, deliberate on the issue of each essay. What reasons do you find most compelling? Which concerns have particular merit? Can you balance the interests of both sides of the issue?

Formulate a claim for each essay (a minimum of 1 page) that takes into account what you have learned during your deliberations and provide reasons to support it.

Submit your assignment to your instructor by the due date posted on the Course Dashboard. You may write your assignment using MS Word and attach the file.| |

The Case Against Tipping

Pros of tipping
* It’s optional
* Can depend on the service given
* You are helping someone who makes less than minimum wage Cons of tipping
* This is sometimes part of a waiter’s salary.
* You are tipping but may not get good service.

The Consequences of 'Carnage as Entertainment

Pros of entertainment
* The right entertainment can be a great influence.
* It is an extracurricular activity for someone people who cannot get out. Cons of entertainment
* Entertainment is not the blame for adverse reactions that it causes on children. * No monitoring of what children look at.
* Parents rely on it to teach their children what they should

The Case Against Tipping
I do see what Lewis was saying about service but all-in-all America is a tipping place. We give tips for almost everything now and it is just custom for someone whether rich or poor to show their gratitude through a tip of money. When you think about going into a restaurant such as Starbucks where the employees, preferably waiters make way less than minimum wage they may not be servicing you but for 2 minutes but we automatically make it our business to give them a tip. On the other hand in this article it talks about the service that you are given based on the tip that you give. That is all too true. Many times it has been witnessed that waiters analyze people when they walk in the door and judge whether they will be people who give a good tip or not. Based on their analysis the waiter will then spend more time at one table than they do at another. This action is wrong and that is why I can see the view of Lewis on this one. Everyone should be treated the same way whether they give a huge tip or not. When things such as that happen it does make a person not want to join the tipping world. In the article “The Case Against Tipping” it even states a violence done to a person because she “under-tipped” a cab driver. That is going too far and when things like that happen the value of a tip go completely dead and thus the attitude of the tipper becomes cold towards tipping. So I have views on each side; I do believe in tipping because of the wages of most waiters today. I just want to do my part to help someone. However, I do understand the views of someone who may not want to tip because of some of the cons. The Consequences of “Carnage as Entertainment”

I agree with Ellis on some levels but I can’t help to lay the blame on our guardians today. I agree that what children watch the most they imitate and if the only thing they see is violence, sex, drugs and other unethical things that is what they will become. Where are the parents and guardians today who instill the right things into their children and teach the right things? When I was young I did not watch what I wanted to watch. I was an adult when I actually got to...
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