Tv, Bad Influence on Kids

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Review the following argument:
"Television programming such as MTV is corrupting young children." Write two, 2-page essays for this assignment:
Essay 1--Persuade your reader to accept the argument, that television programming such as MTV is corrupting young children. (the "pro" side) Essay 2--Persuade your reader to reject the argument, and defend the credibility of television programming such as MTV. (the "con" side) Essay should be well reasoned and include references to support your conclusion. Please submit both essays together as one assignment in the space below. Label each essay with the subheading: "Essay 1: Pro," and "Essay 2: Con."

Do television shows have a negative effect on children’s development, and currupt them? Channels such as VH1 and MTV are good for kids because they expose them to the arts and develops their imagination. It’s bad because not all videos are kid appropriate. Too much exposure to the body, violence, mature language, etc.

Mod. 3 Arguments

Essay 1: Pro is corrupting

Essay 2: Con not corrupting


Argumentative essay: Academic Essay: Is television A Bad Influence On Children?The television has become...
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