Is Television Harmful for Children?

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Media & Society group 1
Yugay Mikhail


Reaction Paper: Is Television Harmful for Children

The reaction paper is correlated to the “Taking Sides” issues, this is the 2 issue. I have chosen this topic, because I found it quite interesting and argumentative. But as I have understood part “NO” (Jib Fowles from The Case for television violence) does not provide clear opposition, but mainly criticize part “Yes” (W. James Potter form On the Media violence). Many argue that the reason of violence among teenagers and young adults in reality is about the violence shown on TV. In my reaction paper I will try to more or less clarify two points of view, give my own opinion about the topic in general and about two opposite sides. I will try to answer some questions like whether the violence on TV is harmful for younger generation or not? What impacts it has? What other influences exists? And so on.

W. James Potter claims that there are immediate and long-term effects of violent content, and provide ten different characteristics. In Conclusion he provides most valuable reasons. He is giving all data according to researches. And Jib Fowles claims that such researches, for example like collecting group of children and to show different kinds of video and then make some conclusions are not appropriate methods.

As I have read the text, (actually not everything was clear foe me) I found quite interesting claims and facts. Personally, my opinion separated, I mean that from my point both sides are somewhere right and somewhere are not. But my point is closer to “Yes” side. Almost everything James Potter have said is true for me, for example after seeing some cruelties, violence or other negative things on TV I start to feel myself worse, my mood decreasing, these things according to Potter are immediate effects of content. But such things like feeling bad after cruel, violent video do not continue too long and end as immediate as start. I...
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