Media: Television and Children

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Natalie Collins
Child Psychology
November 25, 2012


Today in our society everyone is influenced in some way by media. Whether it is at home watching TV, at work, or just walking the street media is everywhere. The main forms of media are television, print material, and electronics like computers and video games. The main one in our society is television. Most children start watching T.V. at the age of two and watch between two to three hours per day. Television has only been around since the 1950’s and each generation more and more people now own a T.V. and watch more television. Most kids today even have televisions in their room. The same goes for computers. Computers are now becoming portable with laptops so more children have access to the Internet now. Books were long around before television but now the content of books is changing as well. The same types of things that can be viewed on the television and computer are now available in books as well. Television is the biggest media that is debated about. Children start watching TV at such a young age. Psychologists debate whether or not television is a bad influence on children. There are lots of bad things that are portrayed through television but lots of other factors go into this. One is the family lifestyle. If multiple TV’s are in the house children at a young age are going to have more access to watching it. If children see parents or older siblings watching violent shows children will be more likely to follow in those footsteps. If kids are home alone a lot or at a babysitters house a lot kids may pick up bad shows there. The main problems with television now days are violence, harmful substances, and advertisements. Kids these days watch so many deaths and acts of violence on television. Too much of this can cause kids in the future to think violence is not bad and become involved in themselves. These children are also more likely to be more aggressive and not do as well in school. Also...
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