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The subject assignment consists of doing three short exercises. To do so, keep the activities statements and answer just below them. This assignment must be done in groups of two and has to fulfil the following conditions:

* Length: between 6 and 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-). * Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman.
* Size: 11.
* Line height: 1.5.
* Alignment: Justified.

If for some reason you cannot do the assignment in groups, you will have to do it individually (notice that individual assignments will be penalized. The maximum score a student can get is 8/ 10). The individual assignment must have a length between 6 and 8 pages approximately (without including cover, index or appendix –if there is any).

The assignment has to be done in this Word document. In order to make the correction easier, please, do not write the answers in bolds, and it will be easier to distinguish between them and the activities statements. On the other hand, the assignment has to fulfil the rules of presentation and edition, as for quotes and bibliographical references which are detailed in the Study Guide.

Also, it has to be submitted following the procedure specified in the Study Guide. Sending it to the tutor’s e-mail is not permitted. Both members of the group have to send the assignment.

In addition to this, it is very important to read the assessment criteria, which can be found in the Study Guide.

The assignment mark is 70% of the final mark.

Names and surnames:


Task 1
* Native Languages: Mixed.
* Target Language: English.
* Background Information: Intermediate level, students on an intensive course. * Data Source: student compositions.
1. Soccer is the most common sporting.
2. America refused continual supported our military request. 3. When he was 7 years old, he went schooling.
4. About two hours driving eastern from Bangkok.
5. After finished my college studied, I went to my country. 6. Doctors have the right to removed it from him.
7. There is a night for asleep.
8. Moreover it may lead to conflicting.
9. I am not going to get married when I will graduation the school. QUESTIONS:
1. Work out an IL generalization that might account for the forms in boldface. Give your reasons for postulating this generalization. 2. What strategy/strategies do you think these learners have come up with regarding lexical use? 3. What additional information, if any, would you like to have from these learners to test your hypothesis? Final del formulario

Task 2 Principio del formulario

* Native Language: Spanish.
* Target Language: English.
* Background Information: Pre-adolescents, born in Mexico, living in United States. * Data Source: Responses to a picture story from a standard proficiency test. DATA:
Below are the "correct" responses to standardised test items. 1. He wants to eat some food.
2. The dog ate the food.
3. The king would have eaten it.
4. It fell.
Below are the responses to these test items by five ESL learners (A-E). A.
1. he wants to eat
2. the dog ate it
3. the king would eat it
4. it fell
1. he want the food
2. the dog ate ...
3. the king eat ...
4. they fall
1. he wants to get some food
2. the dog ate it
3. the king would have ate it
4. it fell
1. he want...
2. the dog eat...
3. the king will eat...
4. it fall

1. he wanna eat...
2. the dog eat-ate it
3. he would eat it
4. it fall
1. What feature of English grammar is being tested in each of the test items? 2. Who appears to be the most advanced learner and why?
3. Who appears to be the least advanced...
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