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Beyond a CSR certification! (Part A)

December 2004, a Christmas tree was in place at the entry of the company. There is a festive atmosphere even if the employees are under pressure. Albert PIROTON, the general manager, convenes all supervisors and project managers for the annual meeting. He wanted to present the 2004 results and discuss his vision for 2005.

« The productivity this year was very good. Beyond this excellent productivity result, I would like to explore our role as a responsible organisation. I would like WebTel to be a citizen organisation, in spite of our small size, believe in me, we could be a responsible company». Albert PIROTON.

Everyone around the table was surprised by this declaration. Aiming at another orientation , rather than increasing productivity and client satisfaction is totally unusual at WebTel. The real matter for Albert PIROTON is to know how to achieve his goal.

« We should think about a specific strategy that will allow us to be a social responsible company. Maybe we have to think about an ISO certification, but I don’t know which certification to choose. I invite you to think about that ». Albert PIROTON.

A young supervisor, called Corinne LEJEUNE, still a student at the University, proposed the SA8000[1] certification. She had heard about this standard in a Human Resource Management (HRM) seminar at the university. Everybody around the table felt the danger of a uncontrolled strategic change, except the general manager who appreciated the idea. He asked Corinne to prepare more information about the standard and organisations certified in Europe.

On January 2005, Albert PIROTON received a general study with much information about SA8000. He accepted the project very quickly. This engaging answer impressed all employees. Albert PIROTON is known as a very careful entrepreneur. His new decision causes much curiosity and reserve.

WebTel creation

WebTel is a small company launched by the family...
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