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Reflective Essay
Francois Tawadrous
Current Management Issues
Corporate Social Responsibility

Work Place Health and Safety has been a major factor in the work place today and it’s a management issue that is vital as it can terminate companies and result in a large sum of fines to the company and it’s CEO. A recent concern in Queensland resort on Heron Island operated by the global company Delaware North Companies, which has been a global leader in hospitality in the past few years with venues across the globe, from resorts to stadiums, Delaware North has been recognized as one of the top companies in hospitality. Delaware North has recently been warned by the Government of Queensland over its unhygienic and potentially dangerous work place for its employees and visitors.

According to Accomnews.com.au the warning was issued on the 17th of July 2012 to Delaware North over its resort in Queensland’s Heron Island. After receiving the warning, Delaware North conducted a full internal investigation over the issue and found to be a malfunction in its distillation plant. DNCA was accused by its former employees that the resort was unsafe and unhygienic to work at. An anonymous former employee has told Gladstone observer that it was unacceptable management to keep the resort open for work and visitations whilst the distillation plant malfunctioning which left the resort with no clean running water for weeks. Good management was to evacuate the people and its employees for the workplace until the plant was fixed. Also a poor management decision was not notify the council of Gladstone with the issue when it first happened. Delaware North realized its Management group at the resort was deemed unfit for the work place and since the notice issued by the government Delaware North created a whole new management system to ensure a fatal problem like this does not occur again.

The Distillation plant first...
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