Human Welfare

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Employee or Labor Welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered to employees by the employer. Through such generous fringes benefits the employer makes the life worth living for employees. The welfare amenities are extended to addition to normal wages and other economic rewards available to employees as per the legal provisions. According to Dr.Parandikar, “Labor welfare work for improving the health, safety and general well being and the industrial efficiency of the workers beyond the minimum standard laid down by labor legislation”. Welfare measures may also be provided by the government, trade unions and non government agencies in addition to the employer. The basic purpose of labor welfare is to enrich the life of employees and keep them happy and contented. Welfare may be both statutory and voluntary.


The significance of welfare measures was accepted as early as 1931, when the royal commission on labor stated: The benefits are of great importance to the worker which he is unable to secure by him. The schemes of labor welfare may be regarded as a wise investment because these would bring a profitable return in the form of greater efficiency.

The working environment in a factory adversely affects the health of employees because of excessive heat or cold, noise, downs, fumes, dust and lack of sanitation and pure air. Such oppressive conditions create health problems for workers. These have to be contained through preventive steps aimed at improving the lot of workers.

Labor welfare work, thus, serves the following purposes:

➢ Enables workers to have a richer and more satisfactory life.

➢ Raises the standard of living of the workers by indirectly reducing the burden on their pocket. welfare measures will improve the physical and psychological health of employees , which in turn, will enhance and productivity

➢ Absorbs the shocks injected by injected by industrialization and urbanization on workers.

➢ Promotes a sense of belonging among workers preventing them from resorting to unhealthy practices like absenteeism, labor turnover, strike, etc. welfare work makes the service in mills more attractive to workers. It improves the relations between employers and employees. It promotes a real change of heart and a change of out look on the part of the employers and employees.

➢ Prevents social evils like drinking gambling prostitution, etc., by improving the material, social and cultural conditions of work.

Congenial environment as a result of welfare measures will act as deterrent against such social evils.


There are several agencies involved in the labor welfare work. Besides central and the state government, employers union and social organizations work as agencies for extending welfare facilities to the workers.


The central government tries to extend its helping hand through various acts converting the safety, health and welfare of workers the factories act 1948 ,mines act 1952,shipping act,1948,plantation labor act ,1951,motor transport workers act,1961,employeesstateinsuranceact,1948,ect.,provided,for,canteens,creches,restrooms,washingfacilities,etc. labor welfare officers over see the welfare activities closely and ensure justice to workers. statutory welfare funds are created to provide housing, educational ,recreational and medical facilities to worker.


Governments in different states and union territories offer welfare facilities to workers. In Assam a statutory welfare funds in created for medical, educational, recreational and other facilities to plantation to workers. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka,, labor welfare canters are administered by...
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