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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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The overall website evaluations were based on the following criteria: authority, credibility, accuracy, bias, objectivity, timeliness, coverage, relevance, and appropriateness. The format of my review evaluated key factors to help determine the legitimacy of these web sites. Throughout the analysis both the website met the criteria of being reputable sites. Everything on the websites is a fact and has been proven by other articles and publications. Accuracy is a strength for both web sites because there are links to other Web sites that have similar information. Another important criterion in evaluating a web site is timeliness. Timeliness is important because it shows if the Web site is current enough for a research topic. It is also important because knowledge can change rapidly over a period of time. Both websites were timely and current for the time that the data was launched or published in the journal. Coverage is important in evaluating a web site because it determines if the topic is successfully addressed by having clearly presented arguments, and if the site covers a time period appropriate enough for the topic. I found the coverage excellent on both websites with great links to other similar resources and data. Relevance is another important criterion because it helps determine if the site truly provides useful information for the topic, and if the information on the site could help add value to the research. It also determines if the site provides comprehensive information that is relevant to the topic. I found the information presented on both websites highly relevant to the topic. I felt that both web sites directed their information at a level appropriate for the target audience; the first website was more general and easy to follow; the second website was targeted for the educated medical reader and was written at the appropriate readership level. I think this criterion was a strength for both websites because people want to be able to read...