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The Naeser Line is a cruising company which owned by Stig Olaf Naeser. The company provide a unique schedule included six main capitals in the north European, which allows passengers to embark or disembark and also stay as long as they wish. The Princess Gyda is a huge cruise ship, which is huge enough to provide a wide range of on-board amenities, and varieties of luxury facilities. The company use a network of travel agents in each capital, who liaise with sale director’s team by telephone on bookings. Everyone agrees that the combination of genuine luxury and real flexibility on schedules gives Naeser a distinct competitive advantage. Although the six capitals schedule allows passengers to take dinner ashore at some of the best restaurants in Europe, tables in the Ark are always at a premium and reservations are recommended. Naeser have an unofficial discounting policy that is known to the agents but never advertised openly with the public. Besides, the sails on the six capitals schedule are between April and September, it is 70-80% of the company revenue. Outside these months, there is considerable to provide on one-off cruises, trips, company events, conferences etc. possibly at reduced per person rates. The sales process involve too much of minutiae, it spends times for the sales director to handle. The only out-of-season event ever arranged by Naeser themselves was a week's bridge cruise. This was organised and hosted by the European bridge federation, Naeser had little to do except run the ship. It brought in a neat five figure profit. In the event of no other business of this nature being available around Europe, the ship is usually sailed to the southern hemisphere and hired to Australian or Asian shipping concerns for a modest daily hire rate during the winter months. Lastly, the information systems used by the head office are limited to office productivity tools such as...
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