Travel and Tourism Unit 3

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Working aboard the Mediterranean World II

My name is Sihaam Ahmed; I am 23 years old and have graduated from Roehampton University studying Travel and Tourism Management. I had experience working in London’s busiest hotels Hilton Metropolitan as the assistant to the head of Human Resources. I left the hotel because I saw an opportunity work on cruise liner. Working on would cruise linerwould give me a chance,to travel which has always been a dream of mine and gain tremendous amount of experience My ambition in life like many in my class in Roehampton University is to become a senior manager within a cruise ship. I was given the job (assistant to by a company called Athenian Travel ltd., travelling around the Mediterranean countries for example Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Athenian Travel ltd., specialise in high class holidays for upmarket tourists who want to combine short land excursions to cultural and historic sites such as Rome with luxury cruise sailing. The company own a large state of the art cruise liner called the Mediterranean World II which employs 600 people and has 2000 passengers. Before I can become senior manager I will have to undergo many different aspects within a cruise ship to gain a promotion. The ship is going to be docking at many various ports such as Naples, Pompeii and the Turkish city of Istanbul while travelling around the Mediterranean I will be assigned many different tasks by the ships manager. The first day it was all regulation health and safety routines and different types of training some which have experienced before while working for the Hilton and some I was taught at university to deal for example how to deal with difficult customers the trainer said “on a cruise ship there are two simple points in which all crew have to strive to achieve when dealing with customers; remember to try and make everyone involved happy the best you can and make sure who follow all protocol and regulations which apply”. The training was fairly simple and could be easily picked up by me, a novice with just under 3 ½ years of experience. The head of employee training told us where all the different departments of the cruise liner were e.g. the passenger entertainment area, the passengers cabins, the crew quarters. This was then followed by emergency protocols (where each of the emergency exits where in case the cruise liner sinks or crashes). The head of training told us all the different commitments to customer which will make sure that every form the chief executive officer down to the porter boy knows to ensure failsafe customer satisfaction. Then we had a speech from the captain telling us to enjoy the cruise and also including when we docking on each of the ports. In university I learnt that the main aims of customer service are to meet every customers needs and making sure every customer is satisfied with the level of service they have received from ensuring that they will come back and tell their friends and family about the company, kind of like free advertising which works well for your company. Another aim of customer service is meeting the organisational targets of the company such as the customer service policies which they have. A key point of customer service remembering that every customer is different so every situation is therefore different, some customers are conferential where as other customer rude and some customers are kind, meaning that you as a customer service provider have to handle each situation whether that is a problem about noise or a customer not happy with the level or service they have received. In a competitive environment i.e. travel and tourism it is important to remember that different products will make the organisation more appealing to new customers, products for instance a loyalty cards will retain customers in the cruise ship restaurants by offering the six meals half price or the tenth meal free. The different products and services that an organisation offers...
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