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Topics: Password, Research, Authentication Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Date: April 1,2013
To: John Smith, Manager
From: Jessica Pollock, Research Department
Subject: Web-Conferencing Programs
On March 23, I was asked to research available web-conferencing programs that can be used to hold weekly status meetings. Through my research I have found that there are many good programs, but I feel that the one that best suits what we are looking for is WebInterpoint. The following are the comparisons of the different programs that I researched. Program| Nefsishttp://www.nefsis.com/| WebInterpointhttp://www.onstreammedia.com| Join2Meetwww.join2meet.com| Capacity| 5,000| 1,000| 100|

Price| $0| $35/month| $19/month|
Operating System| Windows| All| All|
Features| | | |
Application Sharing| Yes| Yes| Yes|
Audio| Yes| Yes| Yes|
Desktop Sharing| Yes| Yes| Yes|
File Transfer| Yes| Yes| No|
Schedule Meetings| Yes| Yes| Yes|
Schedule Recurring Meetings| No| Yes| No|
Encryption| Yes| Yes| Yes|
User Authentication| Yes| Yes| No|
One Time Password| No| Yes| Yes|
Meeting Recording/Playback| yes| Yes| Yes|
Participant Reporting| no| yes| yes|

As shown in the above chart, each of the programs that I have considered have excellent qualities, but WebInterpoint is the only one that I feel meets all of our company’s needs. The cost of the program is higher than the others, but when the extra features are considered the additional cost seems to be worth it. The file transfer feature will allow each meeting participant to be able to share information with the others, without any difficulty. The desktop sharing feature allows the participants to access files that he or she may not have access to otherwise. I believe that the best feature is the user authentication security feature, which allows us to keep unwanted individuals out of our conference. I hope that this information will be useful and that I have made the selection of a web-conferencing...
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