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Overview of the Current State of Technology

1.2. Local Literature

De La Salle University Library System Migration: A Strategic Decision

Library automation at DLSU-Manila had undergone a gradual but steady development. It started in 1985 when it implemented the MINISIS software/Hewlett Packard 3000 hardware package. The system was able to create 11,000 bibliographic records for Filipiniana and Reference collections. The massive hardware maintenance problem led to a management decision to phase out the system in 1988. At the later part of the same year MINISIS was replaced by its micro version known as CDS-ISIS. The software with one stand-alone XT computer facility automated the indexing of articles from more than 100 locally published periodicals including newspapers, magazines, and journals. Additional databases were created as the number of computers increased. The index became searchable simultaneously by several users when the computer facilities were networked in 1992. In the same year the CD-ROM technology was introduced for information retrieval of selected indexes and abstracts.

Perla T. Garcia, Director of DLSU Library (2004) states the reasons for changes:
* Technical Development and Vendor Stability
* Networking
* Expansion of Databases
“Despite the struggle the DLSU Library encountered in running the system during the first two years the circulation module was successfully implemented in February 1997. Toward the end of the decade the system was upgraded incorporating the suggestions made by the participating libraries. The new version was renamed T-Series which enhanced the loan process and improved the other information management functions of the earlier edition.” [1] The upgraded version of the system has become an inevitable feature at DLSU Library. However, when it was established that the vendor of the system has closed shop and has merged with another company, the University Library started to work on the future of the library system that can be considered to replace T-Series. These reasons are provided for the new system that will replace the T-series.

Ateneo De Manila University Professional Library Information System

The Library Information System uses a Local Area Network (LAN) for data retrieval handled by five file servers housed in the Intermediate Distribution Function Room (IDFR). Its resources can be accessed thru 24 client stations strategically distributed within the Library and other stations located in different offices in APS such as AHRC, CLE and the Dean of the Law School. In-house databases and commercial databases on CD-ROMs can be accessed by pressing the key letter guide displayed alongside each menu. In the Reference Services, the reference librarian also provides reference assistance to library clients in the most effective use of the library resources and services, aside from conducting guidance to legal bibliography for law students. To provide a plentiful supply of good and useful books in support of its academic curricula is the main goal of the library.

Teresita C. Moran, APS Chief Librarian (2004) states the APS Library system features: Online Public Access Catalog
This is a catalog where library books, theses, computer files, law materials housed at the Teehankee Library inclusive of uncatalogued but accessioned materials such as serials, law and business periodicals, cases decided by the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Philippine laws.

- Search limits to format (any,books, maps, computer files, etc.) - Search limits to field (any title,author, subject, etc.)
- Use both simple and complex algorithm using Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) - It provides user-controlled sort (by title,author,publisher, etc.) - Work in conjunction with other modules
- Provide safe environment to deal with potentially malicious users - Easily update for users convenience and accommodate their library needs - It provides selection and print...
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