Library Management System

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Valeriano Fugoso Public Library Integrated Library System

A Case Study
Presented to the
Department of Information & Computer Studies
Faculty of Engineering
University of Santo Tomas

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements in
Database Management Systems

October 2010

Title Page
Table of Contents
1. Introduction.
2. About the Company
1. Background and History
2. Organizational Chart
3. Contact Person/s
3. The Current System
1. Detailed Description of the Current System
2. Problem Areas
3. Functional Decomposition
4. Enterprise Data Model
1. Business Rules
2. Preliminary ER Model
3. Enhanced ER Model
4. Entity Cluster
4. Analysis and its Proposed Solution
1. Description and Analysis of the Proposed
2. Objectives
1. General Objective
2. Specific Objectives
3. Scope Of Work
4. Workflow Model
5. Enterprise Data Model
1. Proposed Business Rules
2. New ER Model
3. New Enhanced ER Model
4. Entity Cluster
5. Database Design
1. Current Relations and Assumptions based on the Existing Database 2. Logical Database Design
1. Database Normalization
2. Data Dictionary / Metadata for the UNF
3. Physical Database Design and its Implementation
6. Database Implementation
1. Final Database Design
1. Relational Tables
2. Metadata
2. Database Relation and Relationship Instances
3. User Interface and Forms
4. Queries and Result
5. Reports
6. Codes (Major
7. Recommendation (Support and Maintenance) Summary and Conclusion

A. Work Breakdown Structure and Schedule
B. Current System Documentation
B.1 Sample Forms and Reports
B.2 Transcript of Interviews

A library is an organization which collects, processes, preserves, safeguards books for the benefit for the community. It is commonly called the People’s University because it serves as a catalyst in planning for community development and in the continuous education of the people. We decided to implement a library system because we, ourselves have already become the end users of it, either manually or in a computerized system. We have experienced how to use the manual processes of a library and also experienced the benefits of its automation. We based our research project on a public library because these are non-profit organization, funded only by the local government. Due to the low allocation of budget for library funding, some public libraries could not afford to implement solutions for the automation of their current system. An ILS (Integrated Library System) is defined as an automated library system containing several library modules or functions that are integrated together so that data can be accessed from one function to another without the problem of data redundancy. Implementation of an ILS benefits patrons, the staff and the entire community through improved services, more efficient library procedures and processes

Our objective is to develop an automated system of the different library modules of Valeriano E. Fugoso Public Library. Based on our observation of their current system, there are encountered problems in regard to the accession of the library collections and risks regarding bibliographic data integrity. Also, if the library implements their Circulation Function in their manual system, there might be risks in regards to library collections tracking that the library may face in the future.

Our group believes that the most valuable asset any library has is its ability to meet the information needs of its users. Our objective is to develop an automated system which can speed the process of library functions and may reduce the time needed access the library...
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