Huffman Trucking Database Tables

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Huffman Trucking is in need of a system to help maintain its large trucking fleet’s maintenance, purchases, and vehicles. What is being purposed is a relational database that will greatly improve the record keeping for its fleet. This system will allow for reports to be generated to ensure that all vehicles have been properly maintained and record the daily operations of the maintenance department.

The types of reports that can be generated are:
* Parts Inventory Purchase
* Parts Inventory Issues
* Parts Catalogue
* Vendors
* Parts Purchase History
* Vehicle Maintenance
* Vehicles
* Work Orders
These reports can assist the department to help its costs and the operation of the maintenance department. Additionally, these reports will help Huffman Trucking to stay compliant with D.O.T, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies. This will be extremely useful in the event of an audit or an investigation. This database will be an investment that will help reduce liabilities that the operation creates.

As part of this proposal, the below charts will diagram the database. It is to be used as a reference to the purposed database. Tables have been diagramed along with the proper schema, data types, and primary/secondary keys. Database Charts

Field| Data Type| Primary Key|
Field| Data Type| |
Field| Data Type| |
Field| Data Type| Foreign Key 1|
Field| Data Type| |
Field| Data Type| Foreign Key 2|
Field| Data Type| |

Parts Inventory Purchases
Transaction ID| Number| Primary Key|
Purchase Date| Date| |
Purchase Price| Currency| |
Quantity| Number| |

Parts Inventory Issues
Transaction ID| Number| Primary key|
Issue Date| Date| |
Purchase Price| Currency| |
Quantity| Number| |

Parts Catalogue
Part ID| Number| Primary Key|
Description| Text| |
Type| Number| Foreign Key 1|
Manufacturer| Number| Foreign Key 2|...
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