Weaning and Babycare

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Weaning simply means the introduction of food to an infant’s diet. It is important for a baby to be given a healthy diet especially in the first year for that is where they grow fast. The baby needs a good balance of proteins, calcium, fats, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals. It is also known that an infant should remain on a full milk diet until they are six months of age to prevent and lower the risk of allergies to certain food, however if an infant signifies they are no longer interested in milk weather it is breast fed or bottle then it is the right time to introduce solid food to the infant. On the other hand you may come across infants that refuse solid foods but that should not be stressful , the parent or carer should encourage the infant to explore different tastes as the baby will finally get to eat solids after a few...
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