Weaknesses in the Evolution Theory

Topics: Evolution, Life, Charles Darwin Pages: 4 (1426 words) Published: June 14, 2009
Weaknesses in the Evolution Theory

A person probing the universe he lives in will encounter 250 billion galaxies, each the home of about 300 billion stars. Everyone of these magnificent systems operates in accordance with specific laws and in a particular order. There is a plan, a design and a balance in every part of the universe. The Earth occupies a minuscule part of this vast universe and it too has a perfectly designed system incorporating extremely complex and delicate balances. Unlike any other known heavenly body, its atmosphere and its surface support life. Water, the temperature range and surface of the Earth all demonstrate that this planet is specifically designed for life. This unique planet of ours is a home of an incredibly complex and comprehensive vitality. Millions of different plant and animal species live on Earth in perfect harmony. This harmony is so perfectly established that it is capable of surviving intact unless deliberately intervened in by human beings. But how did these systems and living things originate? A controversy on the subject arose during the 19th century. While creationists claim the presence of an infinitely strong being responsible for the creation of the universe, the theory of evolution that was advanced in the 19th century denies this evident fact of creation. Throughout this context, a question arises: Should the evolution theory be validated and considered as a fact? Indeed, this theory must not be considered as a scientific discovery due to its lack of evidence and due to the questions it leaves unanswered.

The evolution theory holds that the species on Earth were not created by God but came in the being as a result of processes governed entirely by chance. The founder of this theory was an amateur naturalist named Charles Darwin. Darwin expounded this theory in his book “The Origin of Species”, which was published in 1859. Darwin’s theory argued that all species descended from a common ancestor by means of...
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