We the People

Topics: Democracy, Separation of powers, Princely state Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: February 16, 2011
We, the people, are responsible for this malady. How? you may ask! In the democratic India, we are only left with one right - that is - Voting Right! We do not even know how to exercise our Voting Right! We have premier Management Institutions (IIMs) and B-Schools. Let them use their expertise to train our people as to how to exercise their franchise.

We are in total anarchy! We have allowed and turned a handful of otherwise, low caliber people, into giants in the eyes of public. Inequity, Injustice, Corruption in all corners, weakened judiciary, every one wants to wield power and misuse them. In reality, four hundred and odd people rule 115 cr. population at ease! Sardar Patel toiled to unite the Princely States. The Rajas and Maharajas descending from various dynasties had faith in their Prajas and Almighty! Taking their kingdom, making them too small under the garb of democracy, we have created and are creating dynasty of politicians! Who is at fault?

The so called four pillars of democracy (Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and the Media) are shaky. We have one Sridharan to mend the pillars, if found cracky, in the Metro Network, however, we have failed to produce as many Sridharans as possible to attend these cracked pillars.

Let there be unity and the like-minded people join hands to disseminate and educate the people of this country to bring about a just leadership for building a very Strong Nation, called, India! If we don't do it, we would be answerable to our next generation!

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