We the People

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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We the People Essay Kara Zerucha
Unit 1
How do Classical Republicanism and Natural rights philosophers affect the Founders view about government because, both the Classical Republicans and Natural Rights philosophers impacted the Founders view about the government. In the preamble it shows that there are more Classical Republicans signatures and a few Natural rights philosophers’ signatures. The three court cases that I chose were Betts v. Brady, Bowers v. Hardwick, and Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan. In the first case Brady v. Betts in 1995, Betts was the offender, who robbed a place in Maryland but could not afford and attorney. The 6th amendment then comes into play because it sets forth rights related to criminal prosecutions. Betts could not defend himself in the case and he was sent to jail. Classical Republicanism is shown here because Betts stated he did not have an attorney to the judge. And the Judge and said that in the 6th amendment it did not include the rights to an attorney. Which also rules in favor of Natural Rights philosophy? The second case I decided to go with was Bowers v. Hardwick 1985, Michael Hardwick was being observed by a Georgia officer while he had been engaged in sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex. Hardwick’s first amendment rights were violated by the police officer by observing Hardwick in his own personal life. In this case it shows a huge chunk of Classical Republicanism because the court had agreed with Hardwick that he had violated his rights. Although the officer had denied the fact that he violated the rights of Hardwick, the court still sided with Hardwick. In my last case Lorreto v. Teleprompter Manhattan 1982, a company had violated a customer’s rights to privacy which means violating the fourth amendment. Classical Republicanism is shown in this case because they say it is a violation of privacy. Natural rights Philosophy is show because they say that the company...
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