India Wrestles with Change

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Seminar on 1\12\12 and 8\12\12.
Book suggested for reading: The Elephant Paradigm – India Wrestles with Change. (By Gurcharan Das). Important Points Discussed:-

The Liberating Nineties:
* A Decade that saw massive change in India and the attitude of its citizens. * Our many Liberations.
* Economic (reforms)
* Political (panchayat)
* Social
* Mental (the most important of all)
A can-do attitude, positivity in the air……..

A need for new heroes in our changing times.

Heroes of our Times:
* Verghese Kurien (White Revolution)
* C.Subramanian (Green Revolution)
* Sam Pitroda (PCOs)
* Amartya Sen
* Mother Teresa
* Ratan Tata
* NR Narayan Murthy
* Sachin Tendulkar
* Karna – Defies low caste, celebrates achievement, stands for individualism, confident attitude, above all – CHARITY.

What is Wrong with our Temper?
A discussion on why the attitude of Indians has turned negative and how a pessimistic outlook has developed. The main reasons: Our Crumbling Institutions such as the Railways, State Electricity Boards (SEBs), the Judiciary – to name a few. The Railways:-

* Indian Govt. in miniature – inefficient, corrupt, hopelessly over-manned, utterly politicised with shoddy, callous service. * More than 50% of costs attributed to – staff salaries (reason: over-staffing). * Manpower used in India is 7 times more than what is used in developed countries. * Board members selected based on seniority basis rather than on the basis of efficiency and performance. * Exorbitant freight charges.

Incidents discussed:
Rajdhani Express on Tundla-Kanpur expressway met with an accident in Jan, ’92 and the chief area manager of that area was transferred after the incident as he was tending to the injured passengers instead of taking care of the chairman of the Railway Board who had come there to...
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