Indian vs Western Culture

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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1. The lose of morality as far as the sexual attitude is concerned.The present day cinema revealing the nakedness of women. This way of exhibitionism, we call it cultured and at the same time we dont want to show alsocompletely naked,to say that we are of Orient in nature. You see the advertisement in the Yahoo, how to increse the size of penis. Do this ad project us as cultured? I doubt. One may say that Western culture makes us bold enough to face the challenges of the present world. When west was sleeping, we were cultured and were bold. 2. lose of affection and attachment to the family. Because of westernisation, our children does not know even their close relatives, forget about the the big family tree under which they have come.Separation in the family can be due to various reasons,but one can still remember their members. One parent finds the solace in telling that his son is a moody chap,so to say, the western jargon of the usage of english language. Parents should be blamed for this attitude. This is the impact of western culture, and we forget our own roots. 3. The greed towards the materialistic world of amassing wealth and to say to the world that I am great. This has become more pronounced in the world of sports in India. If this were shown in the field of education as well, especially in Science and technology education with the mixing of the development of the western world,without the interference of politics, Our currency value of Re 1 would have reached $58.We have spoiled it
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