Ways Domestic Violence Can Affect Individuals

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Ways Domestic Violence Can Affect Individuals

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another individual through fear and intimidation, which often includes threats or violence. The effects of domestic violence could be long term or short term. A long term effect of domestic violence is physical injuries that can cause arthritis, hypertension, or heart disease. A short term effect of domestic violence could be anxiety or depression. Physical or emotional abuse may lead to suicide or murder. Domestic violence is brought about as a result of things that could have happened in an individual’s childhood, or later in life.

Domestic violence could start when one partner feels the need to control or dominate the other. People sometimes feel the need to control another person because they were bullied in the past. In addition to that, one partner may feel inferior to the other partner. A spouse might have a higher education than the other, or a better paying job. One other reason is because that individual might have witness his or her parents being abused and he/she might feel the need to be like them.

Domestic abuse is also linked to poor self esteem. A child growing up in a violent home is likely to have little self worth. When children are brought down to amount to nothing, it could also play a major role in self esteem. Anger is a major source of fuel that will fan the flames of domestic violence. When a person has so much anger and hate from verbal or physical abuse that happened in the past, eventually it will come out in the form of violence.

Drug and/ or alcohol abuse may be a precursor to domestic violence. Substance abuse leads to out of control behavior. The numbers of communality within the dynamics of most alcohol families have poor emotional health. Emotional health leads to secondary anger, which is an effective substitute for dealing honestly with emotions.

In the end, domestic violence can...
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