Watson's Theory.

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Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

The Watson's Theory of Caring, its major concepts and use in the field of nursing is described in this paper. The caring moment is illustrated by the case of a demented patient that serves to show the significance of love and caring. The interaction with the nurse, the patient and the family is here described as well as the carative factors used for the caring moment.

The Caring Moment

It is one of the elements that make up Jean Watson's Theory of Caring, along with the "Carative" Factor, the Transpersonal Caring relationship and the Caring Occasion. Both persons, the patient and the nurse have the possibility to be in a true human-to-human transaction, influenced by the caring moment through the choices and actions decided within patient-nurse relationship (George, 2011).

Being in the moment, is not only beneficial to the patient, but to the nurse too. That specific moment on space and time, eye to eye relation, spirit to spirit connection, intermingled in a unitary body of consciousness is the caring moment. Breaking the ice through conversation is an opportunity to provide patients with a caring moment. A simple hug, a smile, a timely phrase serve as a bridge to achieve the caring moment (Cara, 2003). Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Background and Major Concepts The background of the theory is centered around the experiences and knowledge she was able to perceive, gain and acquire during her stay in East Asia. She learned another approach of medicine, the Eastern approach, she herself was a witness of the beneficial effects of this different medicine. Some of the lessons learned was to see patients as a whole in their integral being composed of their physical, emotional and spiritual aspects (Alligood, 2010).

She learned to practice other complementary therapies, in addition to the prescribed doctors' treatments. The major concepts that make up Watson’s Theory of Human Caring are the Ten “Carative” Factors, the Transpersonal Caring Relationship and Caring Occasion and Caring Moment.

Jean Watson's Theory was the basis on which the author of this paper based the care delivery to a female patient of 79 years of age, suffering from vascular dementia. The patient was a wonderful mother and grandmother that never took care of herself. She suffered from hypertension all her life and never took it seriously. She finally developed a vascular dementia.

The patient began suffering from memory loss and finally when her daughter removed her from her original home to take care of her, the patient began the vascular dementia signs. When I visited her as the family nurse, I always addressed her by her name, and never mentioned her dementia in front of her as a gerontologist did once, causing the patient to cry and her daughter's anger toward the physician.

I usually sat down with the patient during my short visits, took her hands, told her how beautiful she was, and what a good patient she was following all the orientations given by doctors and nurses. I did not have to tell her daughter about complimentary treatments because she placed her mother in the porch surrounded by light music, small plants facing the sidewalk and the street where neighbors passed by and tried to sustain a conversation with her and her daughter.

The interaction among neighbors created by her daughter proved to be successful, because the patient was able to interact and did not remain isolated. The daughter refused to follow the gerontology's treatment that consisted of administering sedatives, instead she went to see a doctor that followed holistic medicine who prescribed the Bach essence. The mother greatly improved and these experiences showed me the significance of love and caring.

From this case, I was able to confirm that the precepts advocated by Watson's Theory of Caring are very truthful and efficient. The patient's daughter has ever read this theory but love and caring...
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