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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring also called Theory of Human Caring or The Caring Model was developed in 1979. Jean Watson defines caring as a science. Watson’s caring theory Cara (n.d.), “allows nurses to practice the art of caring, to provide compassion to ease patients’ and families’ suffering, and to expand the nurse’s own actualization” (para. 7). According to Watson (2001), the major elements of the Theory of Human Caring are •The carative factors.

The transpersonal caring relationship.
The caring occasions/caring moments.
Nursing is promoting and restoring health, preventing illness and caring for the sick. Clinical nursing care is holistic because it promotes humanism, health and quality of living. Caring is universal and is practiced throughout interpersonal relationships. The purpose of this paper is to examine various assessment tools that evaluate on physical measures. The assessment tools that will be examined throughout this paper are •Beck Depression Inventory

Mini-Mental State Examination
Social Support Questionnaire
Beck Depression Inventory
The Beck Depression Inventory was created by Dr. Aaron Beck in 1961. The test is given by a psychologist or counselor to individuals to assess the extent of his or her current depression. The long form consists of 21 questions. The individual is asked to answer each question honestly about how he or she felt in the last seven days. The short form is composed of seven questions and is designed to be given by the patient’s primary care physician as a screening tool to determine if the patient is depressed or not depressed. The questionnaire is designed for individuals age 13 and over. As with many other self-report inventories, the scores of these assessments can be easily exaggerated or minimized, depending on the person completing the test. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. administers the rights for the Becks scales under the contract from Dr. Beck. This...
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