Water Resource Plan

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Water Resource Plan:
Declining Fish Stock

According to National Geographic News only 10% of the big fish in the ocean are left (2003). Many fishermen disagree with this figure and say their fishing hauls have not been affected. Environmentalists say that if something is not done to halt the mass fishing industry many species will become extinct. Fishermen say that if their industry is halted in any way it will affect jobs and the communities that depend on the fishing industry. One way to help quell this growing problem faced by both sides is to develop a sustainability plan that both sides can benefit. In the VLR provided by Axia College of University of Phoenix it is also discussed that only 10% of the oceans big fish, such as tuna and sword fish remain (2007). This described by one environmentalist is due to mass overfishing of the fish in the ocean. The fish simply cannot reproduce as fast as the fishing industry is pulling them out of the water. The fisherman in the VLR agrees that the fish supplies could be running low but does not know how to fix the problem without one side facing a huge loss. One solution could be for both sides to come up with a sustainability plan that would benefit both the fishing industry and the fish. One such plan could be like the one shown in the table below. Action Items

(In Correct Order)Action StepsTimeline
Identify major fishing areas and areas of fish spawning in the ocean.Ask major fishing operations to supply fishing areas and routes. Ask environmentalists to provide areas of fish spawning and spawn cycles. 3-5 months

Discuss impact on fishing industry and community of limited fishing.Set up meetings between fishing industry representatives, environmentalists.1 month Discuss impact on environment of overfishing.Set up meetings between fishing industry and environmentalists.1 month Develop a balance strategy between fishing and renewing fish supplies.Set up talks and brainstorming ideas to...
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