Water Resource Plan

Topics: Water, Hydrology, Water resources Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Fresh water pollution is a problem that is widespread and there are no areas that are immune to it. Living in a rural community is a pleasure, but when you actually sit down and look at the facts surrounding all of the river bottom farm lands, manufacturing companies, and rock quarries that have nonpoint surface runoff, you realize that there is more than meets the eye. My plan for sustaining cleaner fresh water in our lakes, streams, and rivers is to start by educating our community.

In order to accurately educate the community to the issue at hand, I will first start by performing in-depth research on the pollution to the local waterways. Of the waterway pollution problems in our area, our largest concern is with wastewater and surface runoff issue. Due to all of the various contributing factors that come into play in the area, a time of six months will be dedicated to the research of the issue.

Six months is appropriate for the area so that it will cover the farming time frame for the area. The area farming runs from April to October with the majority of the harvesting being completed by the end of the month of October. With the tobacco crops, it will continue throughout the winter as the finishing stages of the tobacco curing and stripping will be completed in the confines of barns and warehouses that are out of the weather.

During the first two months I would like to interview local businesses and farmers on the chemicals that they use as well as the methods they use to administer it and their reasoning for using a particular chemical or applicant. In months three and four I would like to perform extensive research via the internet and our local extension office on the preferred chemicals and the methods of use. To wrap up the research time period, in months five and six I will go back and re-interview the same farmers and businesses. This will help with the documentation and understanding of the overall effects of their usage. I will also speak with...
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