Watch Design

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Watch essay
I am going to compare 4 watches each by different designers. I will compare the watches, look at the materials, colours and special features, who would wear the watch, compare the shapes and find out the differences between classy and sport watches. The first watch that I have been looking at is a classy ladies watch. It is made by Lorus and is silver with a mother of pearl face. The watch would be worn by a sophisticated lady who is quite wealthy. She would probably be in her early 40’s or late 30’s, because it has a mature look I think. The watch face is fairly simple as it has no numbers-it does however have four markings. It is analogue watch and it has a clip fastening, a circle face and no special features. This watch looks feminine as it has a small face and a thin, delicate strap. I think this watch is successful because it meets the client’s needs. The second watch I have been looking at is a hot pink Ice Watch for a teenage girl. The wrist watch has a rubber strap and a hard plastic face. The face has a lot of detail including a second a third hand and lots of markings. This watch is analogue and it has a clip fastening. I like the large strap and face as it looks durable, but feminine. I think the watch would be worn as an everyday/sports watch. I think the watch would work well because it is a bright colour which makes it modern. The 3rd watch I have been looking at is a Citizen leather watch. The large strap is made of leather and the huge face is made of a strong metal. This watch would probably be worn by an older man between the ages of 40 and 60,they would probably wear it to a dinner or a party. The strap is fairly simple-it is black leather and has a bit of of stitching detail. The watch has a buckle fastening and the date on the face. I like this watch because I think that the client that it is for(an older man)would wear it. Its face is glass and it has a bold white numbers. I think the watch looks very masculine as it is big...
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