The Lila Wallace Galleries of Egyptian Art

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Isis Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: September 4, 2007
The Lila Wallace Galleries of Egyptian Art


The mask portrays a young women lying flat as if she was upon her hair. Her hair is arranged in tiers of snail curls over her forehead. Alongside her face flows a black Egyptian – style wig, the long locks bound with narrow rings of gold in ancient and traditional fashion. She wears a dark red tunic with black stripes edged in gold. The jewelry includes snake bracelets and gold ball earrings.

Attached to the wrapping of the mummy are gold fabric figures of Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys. On the bottom of the foot is an image of Anubis holding the disk of the moon. Set in a foreground above this is a Greek funerary inscription saying, Artemidora daughter of Harpokres. Artemidora died at the early age of 27. This mummy was painted and mummified in the early A.D. 100. What inspired me to pick this work of art was that the designs on the cloth were very appealing and intricate. I think this painting is very good because of the way it was decorated, how the Egyptian made all those hieroglyphics were written and edged in gold.

The Roman Period Gallery: History and Society
Three Decorated Jars

Stately bicolor faience vessels with fine leafy ornament have been found fairly frequently in Alexandria, the Fayum towns, and Middle Egypt. In the course of the first century A.D., the bodies of such vessels were covered with more and more decoration. The jar with figural decoration is said to be from the Fayum. Vases of this type were a principal production of the Memphite faience workshop. A single fine blue glaze was used, but the color turns to a violet blue in the carve decoration covering the vase.

The reason why I picked this fine piece of work was because it describes how it was in the Roman Period and it shoes me their way of art. And this work of art were beautifully crafted and decorated.
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