Waste Prevention Inititiative

Topics: Logistics, Transport, Recycling Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: December 29, 2012
RTP: Reusable Transport Packaging Of Fruits and Vegetables for Vienna’s Food Trade

Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology Christian Pladerer Markus Meissner

Abstract June 2005

WASTE PREVENTION INITIATIVE in Vienna Supported by Vienna’s environmental councillor Mag.a Ulli Sima On behalf of the


Packaging is of big importance for an economic system. As soon as packaging has served its purpose, it usually turns into waste. Considering the shortage of resources and sustainability it is indispensable to think of an ecological design of packaging and packaging systems. In this context the use of reusable transport packaging for fruits and vegetables is a very efficient way of waste reduction. In the first place packaging waste for the transport of fruits and vegetables arises directly from the merchandisers, but also food producers, importers, transport and logistics companies, as well as the food processing industry. They are important co-operators concerning the design of an optimized logistic of transport. The purpose of the project was to reinforce reusable transport packaging at the Viennese market for fruits and vegetables and to provoke a co-operation with the decision makers. Relevant research clarified basic conditions and requirements concerning reusable transport packaging. Interviews with co-operators located decision makers and showed the practical aspects of transport packaging. Ecologic and economic comparisons between different transport packaging systems generated a picture of the utilization effects of transport packaging. A set of legal regulations, standards, agreements and initiatives deals among other things are characteristics of reusable transport packaging. The main focus is on the elaboration of standards for an optimal organization and compatibility of reusable transport packaging. In 2001/02 55 million tons of vegetables and 57 million tons of fruits was produced in the EU-15 (DE LACROIX, 2003). In...
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