Waste Management

Topics: Waste management, Hazardous waste, Waste-to-energy Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Rapid urbanisation and industrial diversification has led to generation of considerable amount of municipal, plastic, hazardous and biomedical waste. Improper disposal of wastes often leads to spread of diseases and contamination of water bodies and soil. The impact of these wastes cannot be ignored and managing them has become a major problem. The objective and scope of this research project:

In this project we have tried to gain an insight on the term waste management. The objective of the project was to seek an overview of waste management in large cities especially in supermarkets and predominantly the waste disposal system of large fast food outlets in Bangalore. The scope was (due to time constraint) limited to two major food chains. We have as an initial investigation tried to bring out the very nature of major sources of waste in our cities, the present waste disposal system in Bangalore and measures to effectively dispose off the waste generated in supermarkets. Municipal solid waste:

On an average 40-50% of the total municipal waste is generated in the six municipal corporations of Karnataka and more than 70 percent of municipal waste is generated in the residential and market areas. The domestic waste generated by the households comprises mainly of organic, plastic and paper waste.

Problems of municipal solid waste:
The major problems of municipal solid waste are:
Collection and storage of waste.
Mixing and segregation of waste.
Transportation of waste.
Indiscriminate burning of waste
Illegal disposal of waste.

1.Collection and storage of waste: waste collection and disposal lies at the core of municipal waste management. Waste management happens to be the major source of expenditure in municipal budgets. Failure to effectively manage waste generated in the cities leads to overflowing bins and foul odour in the city streets. It also poses as a potential threat to the hygiene and health of the public. 2....
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