Environmental Awareness

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Pollution Pages: 9 (2877 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Public Awareness about Open Dumping of Solid Wastes and Its Effect on the Surrounding Environment: A Study at Kachuadanga in Tangail Pourashava, Tangail, Bangladesh.
T. R. Tusher, M. Mustafa and S. Khanam

Department of Environmental Science and Resource Management
Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Santosh, Tangail-1902

The study was conducted to know the public awareness about open dumping of solid wastes and its effect on the surroundings environment at Kachuadanga in Ward no. 11 of Tangail Pourashava. One hundred and ten people were selected through simple random sampling technique from Kachuadanga where 75 were male and 35 were female. Among the respondents, 26.4% were household, 12.7% were student, 26.4% were service holder, 21.8% were daily labor and 12.7% were others. Form the 110 respondents, 12.7% were illiterate, 32.7% were range from class 1-5, 12.7% had passed SSC, 24.5% had passed HSC and 17.3% respondents were graduate. The respondents were asked about solid wastes, effect of open dumping of solid wastes, solid waste management, etc. to evaluate their understanding about the solid wastes as a global environmental issue and to find out the problems they are currently facing from the dumping site of solid wastes in Kachuadanga. In our study, the result indicates that all of the respondents have more or less idea about the solid wastes and majority of the respondents (86.4%) think open dumping of solid wastes cause environmental pollution. The result also shows that the respondents face a lot of problems such as offensive odor (69.1%), transportation problem (13.6%), increased mosquitoes, flies and insects (9.1%), aesthetic problem (8.2%) from the dumping site. Most of the respondents (89.1%) demands for wrong site selection and lack of proper maintenance causing odor nuisance, infestation of animals, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. The study shows that the service holder, students and graduate respondents have better idea about the open dumping of solid wastes, effects of open dumping solid wastes, gases released from dumping site, green house effects, etc. than other respondents. Key words: Public awareness, solid waste, open dumping, environmental pollution. Introduction

The environment does not belong to man, man belongs to the environment. So, it is our foremost duty to conserve the environment and its resources. But the rapid growth of population and urbanization decreases the non-renewable resources and disposal of effluent and toxic waste indiscriminately, are the major environmental issues posing threats to the existence of human being. Solid waste is one of the most visible, immediate and serious environmental problems confronting municipal authorities in developing countries like Bangladesh (Rahman, 2008). General municipal solid waste is collected and dumped in a mixed from in an unscientific manner on open waste land or low-lying areas even near creeks, forests, rivers, ponds and other ecological sensitive regions. This practice is commonly known as “Open dumping” and does not meet the norms of disposal specified in the municipal solid waste rules (Sahu, 2007). This is due to lack of finances of the government, rapid population growth, and increasing urbanization (Gyalpo, 2008). Open dumping grounds not only affect the environment by air, water and soil pollution but also damage the property in the vicinity. The presence of moisture and rainwater leach the pollutant chemicals produced during degradation to dissolved and flow into the groundwater reserve/river thereby affecting the flora and fauna of the water body. The dump sites virtually become a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases (Sahu, 2007). One of the major impacts from open dumping is the release of greenhouse gases, mainly methane and carbon dioxide, are produced from the biodegradation of wastes under anaerobic conditions through microbial activities (Chiemchaisri,...
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