Waste Disposal

Topics: Recycling, Materials recovery facility, Waste Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: September 14, 2008
Republic act 9003

Currently the world is suffering from different calamities, hunger, malnutrition, sickness and other improper waste disposal. However, several are implementing the proper waste disposal management under RA. 9003 such DENR promoting some activities that will help to save the mother earth help not one but all of us to achieve the better life. Despite of those calamities some are not really concern regarding this matter. They are those who put their waste materials any where.

If almost are disobeying the rules and regulation of RA. 9003, there are still several people who are really concern with this matter. Jonito Salonga, one of a kind who promotes cleanliness. All of us wants to promote cleanliness but Jovito just not promoting but implementing then are also come organization who is responsible for the waste materials like MRF or Material Recovery Facilities. They make our used materials to a newly form and more useful products. Some of the organization do make livelihood from our waste materials.

By that, they motivate us to obey the RA 9003 from our home to society by telling that we are not just trying to 0save the mother earth, but we can also earn money from garbage. “Nabubulok or the biodegradable materials are also useful, we can make organic fertilizer from it. See, how great the value of proper waste disposal management?

In my own opinion, it’s the responsibility of everyone to have a proper waste disposal. But because of unconcern people with this matter there must be a rule to be followed. By telling that we can earn money from our waste materials, I think some will be motivated to follow this kind of management. Necessarily, by possessing discipline we can simply help the environment.
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