Was Martin Luther King the Greatest Civil Rights Leader of All Time

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Black people, White people Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Does Martin Luther King Deserve To Be Known As Americas Greatest Civil Rights Leader?

In the 1860’s slavery was abolished and this should have meant equal rights for all minorities and white. But still, African Americans suffered discrimination and difficulties in everyday life. The southern states were known to be violent towards the black communities within it. An example of which is the murder of Emmitt Till, a young black boy from Chicago who travelled down to Alabama to visit his grandmother. He was beaten up and killed by to white men local to the town he was in. These divides, however were beginning to collapse in the 1950’s and 1960’s. During these racially and politically controversial year emerged a man who was believed to be the catalyst in the reduction of these divides. Martin Luther King was charismatic, confident man who had a great talent in public speaking he is undisputedly the most famous civil rights leader but the real question is, does he deserve to be known as America’s greatest civil rights leader? A view on the matter is one of Ella Baker, a former staff member of the SCLC who said “the movement made Martin rather than Martin making the movement.”, showing that there was people who believed he was lucky to come about at the right time and actually didn’t impact it much but falsely thought of to have made a huge contribution. The thoughts of others like Benjamin Mays , his former teacher claimed that “king contributed largely to the success of the student sit –in movements in abolishing segregation.” Showing that people believed King’s role in the civil rights movement was crucial to its success. In this essay I will assess Kings reputation as America’s greatest civil rights leader, firstly, the points for King: Kings ability to attract media attention; Kings non-violent methods to get everyone to support him, even whites; and how his inspirational speeches managed to rally masses of support. On the other hand: King’s demonstrations and...
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