Civil Rights: APUSH DBQ

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Period 1
15 April, 2013
Mrs. Nelson
Civil Rights Take Home DBQ
In the years before the 60’s, the African Americans living all over the country were treated as less than every white person because of their skin color and their historical background of slavery and servitude. During the era of the 1960’s, the African Americans and part of the white community fought for equal civil rights. Average Americans, Black and White, stood up against the opposing population to voice their opinions regarding daily injustices due to racial inequalities. At a local level, many people tried to make a change around their lives, but federal authority had to change in order to make a significant impact. The president of the United States at the time, John F. Kennedy, made a speech on June 11, 1963, addressing his plans to speak with Congress and urge them to notice the moral crisis that was happening. He stated that local and state level actions were not enough, it was time to get the Congress involved. JFK believed that “…race had no place in American life or law.” (doc.d)

African Americans living in America have been enslaved and oppressed for hundreds of years. The white people have looked down on them and treated worse than animals. In the 1960’s, people stood up for what’s right and peacefully protested against racial injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. played a major role in establishing a lasting, yet peaceful mark on society. He worked diligently, trying to accomplish equal rights for black people. On August 28, 1963, King spoke to a mass of civil rights supporters about his call and demand for an end to racial discrimination. His speech was important in leaving a foundation for civil rights projects in the future. His speech focused on emphasizing the importance of national unity, and how it can only be truly achieved if everyone can get over their differences and talk out their problems without violence, anger, and hate. He believed that all acts...
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