Was Christopher Colombus a Hero or Villian

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Americas Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: December 1, 2012
October 15, 2012

Was Christopher Columbus a Hero or a Villain to America?

Yes, Columbus discovered America, but do you know how many deaths and how much destruction it cost? Columbus went to explore the ocean and he found a new continent, North America. He was actually looking for India and its gold but found a different place. Exploration of North America brought so many bad things to people. All of those things happened because of Columbus. It makes one want to say that Columbus is a villain. First thing that makes Columbus a "bad guy" is lying. Columbus lied to the queen about the explored island. He said that there's a lot of gold and spices, and people there would share anything with anyone. Columbus also lied that he reached Asia, which was his destination spot. He said all those things to make the queen believe that he's a good man and to save himself from the death. Five hundred years before Columbus was even born, the Vikings settled land in northern North America. They were the true discoverers of the New World. Christopher Columbus merely takes credit while the Vikings are remembered as drunken savages. Not only did he not discover the New World, but his calculations were based on other's works. What kind of "hero" can't find his way to where he wants to go and then receives the credit for a complete and utter accident! This doesn't only make him a liar but it also makes him selfish. But yet we Americans still nationally celebrate his “accomplishments” that were all just faux. Another interesting fact about Columbus being a villain is that he deculturalized people. When he arrived, he started to control all of the land. He wanted to shape the Americas into a European society, and he did not want to consider the current ways of the Native American practices into his new society. In fact, he would kill-or have his men-kill the Natives if he felt that they were being too unruly. For example how Columbus was on a mission to convert everyone to...
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