Warehouse Performance Measurements

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In the following assessment on a warehouse of your own choice I will describe the warehouse and three of its functions, identify what performance measurements are in use for each of the three functions and I will critically evaluate how performance measurements are used to support and improve the performance objectives of the warehouse. The company Quinton Hazell Ltd. is located in Dublin, is aftermarket manufacturer, distributor of motor components, with a strong presence in every market sector of the European aftermarket. Also building an increasingly strong position as an OE component supplier to many of Europe's leading car manufacturers. In 2010 Quinton Hazell became a part of a Klarius Group, fastest growing manufacturer and distributor of replacement aftermarket automotive components in Europe. Warehouse in Dublin has about 20,000 square meters rectangle shape, and is divided into three sections, unloading area, storage, and dispatched area. Warehouse store around 40,000 different products, with total number of single items around 100,000. Loading area is 10% of total warehouse capacity. It situated closest to the main gate to the company. It’s an open area with plenty of room for incoming shipments. 80% of the warehouse is designed to store products ready for sale. You could single out two are in storage, one for exhausts systems which is closest to unloading area, with big metal, open rack for holding heavy and irregular shape products, and the rest for every other parts, such as filters, brake discs, steering parts, ect. This area is full of alleys with shelves on few different heights. Shelves are heavy duty, close on back side. All is divided on sectors for better orientation. 10% of the warehouse is the packing and dispatched area, where customers’ orders are packed and dispatched from. It is located at the opposite side to unloading area. It has his own gate and parking for trucks from carrier company. As it became clear the main function of...
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