Want and French Language Homework

Topics: Want, Need, Prime minister Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Simple sentences:
1. Some 5 Ixora students like to study in the mornings.
2. Mark and Michael do not play football in the afternoon. 3. Pritam goes to the school library and studies every day. 4. Only a few second year students got a high grade.
5. Suzanne and Blake managed to complete their French Language homework. 6. The black cat drinks a lot of milk every day.
7. In the garden, the dog barked and howled at my sister. 8. The Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the new highway project. 9. Two beautiful little puppies looked up at me from inside a box of old clothes. 10. I don’t remember the name of that tall, thin doctor with the sparkling blue eyes.

Compound sentences:
1. I tried to speak Hindi, and my friend tried to speak French. 2. Pedro played table tennis, so Jessie went to her friend’s house. 3. Sylvia forgot to cook, so David had his lunch at the restaurant. 4. Her cute teddy bear is red, and mine is brown.

5. Batman is a hero, and he is successful in catching the criminals in his city. 6. Mary did not like to read, for she was not very good at it. 7. I don’t want to practice playing the piano, yet I don’t want to disobey my mother. 8. I didn’t do my homework, so my parents punished me.

9. I need to go to the market, but I’m feeling too sick to drive. 10. I don’t want to eat, and I don’t want to drink.

Complex sentences:
1. After I came home, I made a delicious dinner.
2. Because the building wasn't properly maintained by the government, it fell down. 3. Although he ate a really big dinner, now he wants to have ice cream for dessert. 4. Whenever they eat at this restaurant, they order ‘cheezy wedges’ and french fries. 5. He'll be able to maintain a healthy weight if he keeps exercising. 6. Because the world is getting warmer, polar bears are in danger of becoming extinct. 7. When she handed in her homework, she forgot to give the teacher the last page....
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