Correcting Comma Errors

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Johnny Souvannavong
April 14, 2013
Correcting Comma Errors
1. The local movie theater, despite efforts to attract customer, finally closed its doors and was purchased by a supermarket chain. 2. As a little boy, I dreamed about wearing a plaid flannel shirt and, like Paul Bunyan, camping out underneath towering trees. 3. Their parents, always risk takers, divorced in August and remarried in February just six months later. 4. Shaken by the threat of a hostile takeover, the board of directors and the stockholders voted to sell the retail division which had been losing money for years. 5. Despite my parents’ objections, I read Stephen King’s novels The Shining and Carrie when I was in junior high. The books terrified me; nevertheless, I couldn’t put them down. 6. We skimmed the chapter, looked quickly at the tables and charts, realized we didn’t know enough to pass the exam and began to panic. 7. After ears of saving his money, my brother bought a used car and then his problems started. 8. I discovered last week that my neighbors, whose friendship I had always treasured, intend to sue me. 9. Late yesterday afternoon, I realized that Dan was lying and had driven my car without permission. 10. Although it can be annoying and frustrating, forgetting things usually isn’t an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, as many people think. 11. “Going to New York,” Maria said, “was like walking onto a movie set.” 12. The long, pretentious report, used on May 11, 2004, neither analyzed the problem adequately, nor proposed reasonable solutions. 13. By going to a party alone, a single person stands a better chance of meeting someone and of having a good time. 14. Janet and Sandy, her younger sister, run three miles each day even in the winter. 15. Al pleader, “Let me borrow your notes and I’ll never ask for anything again, I promise.” 16. Mumbling under his breath, the man picked over the tomatoes and cucumbers in the...
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