Benedict Benediction Exercise

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Lesson Six:
Exercise 1:
1) Platitude
2) Venerate
3) Hubris
4) Accoutrement
5) Antediluvian
Exercise 2:
1) The thief found himself in an imbroglio when he released he did not have any mask on to hide his identity as a thief. 2) Our Sectarian neighbors seldom speak to us because they feel our beliefs differ to strongly 3) The corrupt police commissioner often made the sanctimonious claim that he was doing the right thing to fight crime. 4) Peregrination was the most common form of transportation before Automobiles 5) Kevin left the country club because he didn’t like the way in which haughty members treated the workers. 6) Ashley bought the new dress but she still needed accoutrements such as earrings. 7) Carol, the secretary, began to feel like the boss’s scullion when he told her to bring him a sandwich 8) Cindy Venerates the huge walnut tree on the property line but bill her neighbor would like to cut it down 9) Rachel warned her son that his hubris left unchecked would get him knocked out if he was acting cocky at the wrong time 10) Nathan was tired of watching quotidian television sitcoms so he left his house and played basketball with his friends 11) Rabbits and woodchucks were eating the vegetables in the garden so bob contrived a way to barricade the vegetables so they could not do so. 12) Noticing the sudden drop in temperature and the dark clouds on the horizon the captain prognosticated that a storm was approaching 13) Watching a movie with our father is difficult because he feels obligated to voice some platitude every time he watches a film, he constantly gets reminded to be quiet. 14) Dana was certain that she could meet the stringent training requirements of becoming a banker because she knew how to handle money. 15) People of the remote mountain village retained antediluvian traditions that you must sacrifice a goat for a good harvesting season. Exercise 3

1) Contradiction to do opposite of your beliefs
Optimistic to have good thoughts
Convene to come together
Optimal Good fit
Contravene Against unity
Benediction good Speaking
2) Malediction Bad Speaking
3) A venue is a place where events or gatherings are held 4) Prognosticating
5) Dictionary

6) Benefit
Exercise 4
1) A university might have stringent academic requirements for admission to ensure that they get excellent students 2) During a quotidian visit to the grocery store you probably wouldn’t expect to see a gorilla 3) Devoted fans might venerate their idol long after they pass. Exercise 5

1) A
2) B
3) B
4) C
5) D
6) C
7) A
8) E
9) A
10) B

Lesson 7
Exercise 1
1) Livid, incumbent, cogent, staid, gibberish
2) Anecdote, lurid, nexus, inimical, entreat
Exercise 2
1) Craig was livid after learning his cousin broke his favorite game 2) Maggie failed to give Sam a cogent reason for slapping him 3) Aaron could speak only gibberish after getting his wisdom tooth removed because it hurt him so much to talk 4) Dave entreated his messy roommate to clean his room immediately 5) The athlete remained staid despite losing 2 games

6) The lurid crime of Irene’s next door neighbor sickened her 7) Getting an occasion checkup is incumbent on anyone who is trying to stay healthy 8) The detectives voice had an inimical tone when he interrogated his suspects 9) At the class reunion alumni shared anecdotes about their daily routine 10) Dinosaurs were not coeval with humankind

11) Shawn knew that his dilatory work habits would get him fired 12) When the teacher saw the churlish message on garys shirt she told him to take It off 13) The movie stars did not promulgate their engagement

14) The teacher asked the student to revise the convoluted essay so that it was clearer 15) A...
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