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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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assignments basic skills photoshop 12/13 TCT
1st assignment: make a moodboard with 7 pictures ( retangle forms ) photo 1 - 21 x 14.85cm
photo 2 - 10.5 x 14.85 cm
photo 3 - 10.5 x 7.425cm
photo 4 t/m 7 - 5.25 x 3.72cm
4 of the photo's must be edited in colour ( image>adjustments ) 1. change colours
2. brightness/contrast
3. black/white
4. invert

You now have a file with different layers, if you want to you can still make revisions . If you want to print the file then make it 1 layer application bar layers>one layer
save the file if you want be able to make revisions save it as a photoshop file ( with all the layers) you can save it as a jpg file if you want to share it without photoshop If you want to print or use it without the possibility to change it save it as a pfd.

2nd assignment: make a moodboard with 7 pictures selected in shape. You have used the following tools: Lasso - magnetic and polygonal
Quick selection tool- magic wand tool
Eraser- background and magic eraser.
Quick mask mode

3rd assingment: make a pattern with photoshop and an illustration from a fashionpicture. Fill a part of the illustration with your patteren. You have used the following tools: Brush tool + style options

Clone stamp
Edit> define pattern

4th assingment: make a cover for a report. Combine a photo a illustration and a text. You have used the following tools:
text + style options

The assingments must be printed on A4 paper 160 grams and must be handed together in week 9. The files must be kept available in case off inspection.
Assesment will be based on result and participation of the lessons.
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